This paper deals with maneuvering experiment of a tricycle-type personal mobility vehicle (PMV) with a new steering mechanism. The proposed steering mechanism has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) between rear two wheels. This feature of the PMV is steered by difference wheel speed between right and left wheels. In this paper, first the PMV mechanism is explained and then, steering characteristics is explained. Next, improved steering mechanism which makes easy to maneuver the PMV is suggested and the mechanism is explained. Finally, maneuvering experiment which was chosen as the slalom course was performed for a verification of the proposed mechanism effect. The result of the experiment shows that, due to adjusting left-side and right-side steering lever comparatively, steering characteristic has been improved. The data that has been used in this experiment are distance between tricycle and pole, usage time of riding, range of front wheel steering angle, and excessive number of steering times.

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