Due to the potential of achieving high speed and high precision, linear motor driven gantry systems are widely used in industrial applications such as machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipments and microelectronics manufacturing equipments. To have large enough driving force, a H-type structure with dual parallel driving motors is usually adopted. Though dual-motor driven structure can deliver higher driving power, the “pull and drag” problem between two motors exists when they are controlled separately. In this paper, a synchronous control scheme is proposed which has an effective thrust allocation to deal with the chattering of the “pull and drag” effect, and uses adaptive robust control (ARC) technique to obtain a guaranteed performance with the presence of both parametric uncertainties and uncertain nonlinearities. Comparative experiments have been done on a dual-linear-motor-driven industrial gantry. The results show that the control input chattering is significantly reduced without sacrificing the good tracking performance of ARC controllers.

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