This paper presents a novel active non-intrusive system identification (SYSID) approach to cardiovascular monitoring. The proposed approach uses a dual blood pressure cuff as an actuator as well as a pressure transducer for cardiovascular SYSID. In this paradigm, the dual blood pressure cuff excites the cardiovascular system to create rich trans-mural pressure waves traveling in the cardiovascular system, which are in turn measured via cuff pressure oscillations. Mathematical model was developed to describe the propagation of arterial and cuff excitation pressure waves in the cardiovascular system, which was subsequently used to study the effect of cuff maneuvers on trans-mural pressures and also to develop a methodological framework to reconstruct trans-mural pressure waveforms from cuff pressure oscillation measurements. This paper successfully demonstrated that 1) cardiovascular system can be excited non-intrusively via active cuff maneuvers, and 2) arterial and trans-mural pressure waveforms can be reconstructed accurately by judiciously processing cuff pressure oscillations.

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