The accelerated durability test can be achieved by using the GlyghWorks software through the process of Mission Profile and Test Synthesis. Mission profile comprises a number of load events that simulate the real world driving conditions, which contain dynamic information about the vehicle. Test Synthesis is accomplished with extracting the information on the frequency of the events expected in the service life. The challenge of accurately separating the time series signal that correlate the load events becomes essential in order to efficiently conduct the accelerated durability test analysis. In this paper, a method is developed for automatic event identification from a time series based on wavelet analysis, clustering, and Fourier analysis, which are applied respectively to denoise, cluster and refine the segmentation of respective events embedded in the time series signal. The identified events and their corresponding data are used to generate the accelerated durability testing profiles. A systematic approach of acceleration time series generation for the partial test based on the durability testing PSD profile will also be shown, and then the created loading profile can be directly applied as the driven profile in the lab test. Subsequently, method of validation process for the partial test will be introduced.

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