In this paper, an online adaptive fast control approach (OAFC) based on local linearization is proposed. This engineering approach has two distinctive features: a) it can realize stable steady-state control; and b) it can make the transition control process fast and smooth. It applies a hybrid structure system and uses the local linearization in a small range of the error to solve the control problem caused by the nonlinear, time-varying, and time-delay large inertia system involved in this paper. Firstly, by timely decoupling the transition process and the steady state, the time of the transition process is reduced. Then, OAFC is realized by proposed OAFC algorithm and an online adaptive fast parameters calculation method. Finally, OAFC is applied to a large inertia system — wet raw material mill in a cement plant. The practical application and the control results demonstrate the effectiveness and implementability of the proposed approach.

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