This study presents a self-optimizing robust control scheme for maximizing the power generation for a variable speed wind turbine with DFIG. The control system consists of two control loops. The outer loop is an Extremum Seeking Control (ESC) based generator torque regulation via the rotor power feedback. The ESC can search for the optimal generator torque to maximize the rotor power under variation of the power map. The inner loop is electrical control using PWM converters via vector control schemes. An ℋ controller is synthesized for maximizing the conversion from the rotor power to grid power, with performance weight defined with the spectrum of the rotor power obtained by the ESC. Also, the controller is designed to be robust against the variations of some parameters for the DFIG system. The proposed control strategy is validated via simulation study based on the synergy of several software packages including the TurbSim and FAST developed by NREL, Simulink and SimPowerSystems.

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