Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control has been most commonly used to operate mechanical systems. In PID control, however, there are limits to the accuracy of the resulting movement because of the influence of gravity, friction, and interaction of joints. We have proposed a digital acceleration control (DAC) that is robust over these modeling errors. One of the most practicable advantages of DAC is robustness against modeling errors. However, it does not always work effectively. If there are modeling errors in the inertia term of the model, the DAC controller cannot control a mechanical system properly. Generally an inertia term is easily modeled in advance, but it has a possibility to change. Therefore, we propose an online estimation method of an inertia term by using a system identification method. By using the proposed method, the robustness of DAC is considerably improved. This paper shows the simulation results of the proposed method using 2-link manipulator.

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