Individual Pitch Control (IPC) can greatly benefit the load reduction for wind turbine above the rated power. This research investigates advanced IPC schemes with the wake interaction included. The Jensen wake model is applied for composing the rotor wind profile for downstream turbines under wake interaction, and a switched control strategy is thus developed based on the composite wind profile. The wind profile was generated by modifying the TurbSim codes. The state-space models of wind turbine were generated via FAST. Based on such model, individual pitch controllers were designed following the disturbance accommodating control (DAC) framework for regions of different wind speeds. Simulation results showed that the proposed switching DAC can better reject the wake induced asymmetric load than the single DAC, in addition to the rejection of wind shear disturbance, hub-height wind disturbance. The improvement was observed for rotor speed regulation and reduction in steady loads and fatigue loads in 2P of the tower-base yaw moment.

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