Proposed in this paper is an automated framework for calibration of diesel engine governors. The process involves two basic parts, online engine model identification followed by governor gain design. A previously developed Instrumental Variable 3 Step Algorithm for closed loop system identification is used to estimate the engine model. The identified model is then used in two different governor calibration approaches. The first approach employs a typical governor structure involving acceleration feedback. It will be shown that this governor structure reduces to a classical two degree-of-freedom design. The second approach is based on a procedure in which a desired open-loop transfer function (target transfer function) is shaped such that the same performance specifications as for the first design are satisfied. The control design methods are applied for an off-highway diesel engine with a disengaged transmission. In-field data collected from the engine operating closed-loop is used to identify a model for the open-loop system and the controller gains are then determined. The loop shaping method is then applied to the identified model to design a feedback controller and a prefilter. The efficacy of both loops in terms of tracking performance and noise rejection has been demonstrated through a time domain simulation of both closed-loop step responses.

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