A new collaborative control strategy between time varying design parameters in LPV plants and the feedback controllers is proposed in the present paper. As the feedback control law the gain scheduling control scheme is adopted to guarantee the closed-loop L2 gain performance against the variation of the time varying parameter in the control object. The gain-scheduling controller can be obtained in an analytical manner by solving LMIs. For the closed-loop system with the LPV plant and the gain scheduling controller Genetic algorithm (GA), known as a so-called intelligent optimization method, is applied to optimize the closed-loop response. The proposed control system has a complementary structure between the LMI-based analytical control strategy and the flexible intelligent control method that does not impair their advantages each other. In this sense a win-win situation for the LMI-based gain scheduling control and the GA-based intelligent optimization is realized in the proposed approach. A simple simulation example is presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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