The bistable fluid oscillator has been successfully applied to the liquid hammer for a long time. The purpose of this paper is to simulate the correlations between the flow field in bistable fluid oscillator and the piston motion in the SC89 jet impact system in a more credible and realistic manner. The one dynamic layering method of a general CFD Software was applied to both end centers of motion by user defined function. Three dimensional results are presented and the comparing analysis provides the performance changing with each working parameter respectively. Reasonable predictions have been obtained, which provide an insight into the effect of correlation between the attached-wall jet switching and the piston moving. The dynamic layering methods, in general, still face significant challenges due to the slim effusion between the cylinder and piston. The model is now under further development to improve its capabilities. The model simulations can provide the whole dynamic changing flow field and the range of value of the optimized parameters which are crucial for jet impact system design and optimization. The simulation can be remodeled by changing parameters reasonably and one new type of impact system can be designed with low frequency and high impact energy or high frequency and low impact energy.

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