A method of parameter estimation was recently introduced that separately estimates each parameter of the dynamic model [1]. In this method, regions coined as parameter signatures, are identified in the time-scale domain wherein the prediction error can be attributed to the error of a single model parameter. Based on these single-parameter associations, individual model parameters can then be estimated for iterative estimation. Relative to nonlinear least squares, the proposed Parameter Signature Isolation Method (PARSIM) has two distinct attributes. One attribute of PARSIM is to leave the estimation of a parameter dormant when a parameter signature cannot be extracted for it. Another attribute is independence from the contour of the prediction error. The first attribute could cause erroneous parameter estimates, when the parameters are not adapted continually. The second attribute, on the other hand, can provide a safeguard against local minima entrapments. These attributes motivate integrating PARSIM with a method, like nonlinear least-squares, that is less prone to dormancy of parameter estimates. The paper demonstrates the merit of the proposed integrated approach in application to a difficult estimation problem.

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