A novel Condensed Hybrid Optimization (CHO) algorithm using Enhanced Continuous Tabu Search (ECTS) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is proposed. The proposed CHO algorithm combines the respective strengths of ECTS and PSO. The ECTS is a modified Tabu Search (TS), which has good search capabilities on large search spaces. In this study, ECTS is utilized to define smaller search spaces, which are used in a second stage by the basic PSO to find the respective local optimum. The ECTS covers the global search space by using a TS concept called diversification and then selects the most promising areas in the search space. Once the promising regions in the search space are defined, the proposed CHO algorithm employs another TS concept called intensification in order to search the promising area thoroughly. The proposed CHO algorithm is tested with the multi-dimensional Hyperbolic and Rosenbrock problems. Compared to other four algorithms, the simulations results indicate that the accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed CHO algorithm.

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