In this paper, we present a decentralized dynamic control algorithm for a robot collective consisting of multiple nonholonomic wheeled mobile manipulators (NH-WMMs) capable of cooperatively transporting a common payload. In this algorithm, the high level controller deals with motion/force control of the payload, at the same time distributes the motion/force task into individual agents by grasp description matrix. In each individual agent, the low level controller decomposes the system dynamics into decoupled task space (end-effector motions/forces) and a dynamically-consistent null-space (internal motions/forces) component. The agent level control algorithm facilitates the prioritized operational task accomplishment with the end-effector impedance-mode controller and secondary null-space control. The scalability and modularity is guaranteed upon the decentralized control architecture. Numerical simulations are performed for a 2-NH-WMM system carrying a payload (with/without uncertainty) to validate this approach.

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