This paper presents a first step towards developing a physics-based two-zone model of a single cylinder HCCI engine. Previously control laws were derived by using single zone mathematical models of HCCI combustion; although certain multi-zone models were reported, they were found too complex and unwieldy for the development of fast and efficient controllers for HCCI engines. The present work outlines the modeling approach of a single-cylinder two-zone HCCI engine by incorporating the first law of thermodynamics and temperature and concentration inhomogeneities within the cylinder in order to better predict peak pressures and combustion timings. The results showed good conformity when compared with the computationally intensive multi-zone models. A comparative analysis between the single zone and two-zone models, in the context of predicting cylinder pressures, temperatures, ignition timing is also discussed. Moreover, the effect of external parameters such as speed, and EGR were also evaluated.

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