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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Aerial Vehicles; Aerospace Control; Alternative Energy; Automotive Control Systems; Battery Systems; Beams and Flexible Structures; Biologically-Inspired Control and its Applications; Bio-Medical and Bio-Mechanical Systems; Biomedical Robots and Rehab; Bipeds and Locomotion; Control Design Methods for Adv. Powertrain Systems and Components; Control of Adv. Combustion Engines, Building Energy Systems, Mechanical Systems; Control, Monitoring, and Energy Harvesting of Vibratory Systems

Aerial Vehicles

Aerospace Control

Alternative Energy

Automotive Control Systems

Battery Systems

Beams and Flexible Structures

Biologically-Inspired Control and its Applications

Bio-Medical and Bio-Mechanical Systems

Biomedical Robots and Rehabilitation

Bipeds and Locomotion

Control Design Methods for Advanced Powertrain Systems and Components

Control of Advanced Combustion Engines

Control of Building Energy Systems

Control of Mechanical Systems

Control, Monitoring, and Energy Harvesting of Vibratory Systems: Active Vibration Control

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