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Proceedings Papers

Volume 2: Legged Locomotion; Mechatronic Systems; Mechatronics; Mechatronics for Aquatic Environments; MEMS Control; Model Predictive Control; Modeling and Model-Based Control of Advanced IC Engines; Modeling and Simulation; Multi-Agent and Cooperative Systems; Musculoskeletal Dynamic Systems; Nano Systems; Nonlinear Systems; Nonlinear Systems and Control; Optimal Control; Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems; Power and Renewable Energy Systems; Powertrain Systems

Legged Locomotion

Mechatronic Systems


Mechatronics for Aquatic Environments

MEMS Control

Model Predictive Control

Modeling and Model-Based Control of Advanced IC Engines

Modeling and Simulation

Multi-Agent and Cooperative Systems

Musculoskeletal Dynamic Systems

Nano Systems

Nonlinear Systems

Nonlinear Systems and Control

Optimal Control

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

Power and Renewable Energy Systems

Powertrain Systems

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