Usually a Citrus Engineering Conference presentation before this group is done to report some advance in citrus related technology. This paper, however, is limited to suggesting an area where significant benefits might result from further study and testing.

This paper has to do with improving the thermal efficiency of citrus feedmills. The idea presented can also help reduce cleaning expenses. The concept has to do with filtering press liquor ahead of a Waste Heat Evaporator (WHE). Work done so far is not definitive, and it is clear that further testing is required.

The paper is focused on a machine known variously as the Turbo Filter or Fiber Filter. This is unfortunate because other filtration equipment may be even more effective or commercially justifiable.

The basic premise of this paper, which needs to be demonstrated, is that improved filtration of press liquor results in lower viscosity fluid in the WHE. In turn this allows the WHE to produce higher Brix molasses. The result of this are improved thermal efficiency of the citrus feedmill.

Paper published with permission.

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