Compressed air is utilized throughout various production processes in the citrus industry and can influence production quality and operating costs. Within production equipment, compressed air is expanded from a higher pressure to perform various tasks. The pressure ahead of the final discharge location can have a direct impact on the operation of the specific process. Article pressure is the term used to describe the pressure located closest to the point where air is expanded to do work. Article pressure can be influenced by many variables that exist between supply equipment (compressors) and the point of use. Understanding the relationship between the supply pressure and the article pressure will facilitate the ability to maximize the repeatability and performance of production equipment and minimize the supply power required to operate the compressed air system.

This paper will discuss variables that influence the difference between the pressure supplied by the compressor station and the pressure utilized within the production equipment. Illustrations and field examples will be utilized to describe issues. Troubleshooting methods will be discussed along with a description of how to trend variables that influence production so problems can be corrected before they influence productivity.

Paper published with permission.

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