The price of natural gas exceeded $15/MM Btu in December 2005 compared to $6/MM Btu just one year ago! It was also just $2/MM Btu in the 1990’s. Crude oil prices exceeded $70/barrel in 2005 compared to $45/barrel just one year ago!

To put this into perspective, a 600 HP boiler operating at a 50% average load for 12 hours per day, 365 days per year would have consumed $321,800 in natural gas one year ago but will consume $804,490 in natural per year at today’s cost!

The increased cost of fuel has affected operational costs for all boilers regardless of size, age, or manufacturer. The US dependence on foreign oil and natural gas, as well as the escalating energy demands of China, India, and other countries will likely drive energy prices higher in the future.

This increase in the cost of fuel has driven responsible boiler manufacturers to develop new products or modify existing ones in order to reduce energy consumption. Major developments have been made in the past few years which improve boiler efficiency, offer innovative heat recovery systems, and integrate high tech controls into boiler systems.

This paper will address the developments in boiler design, control systems, and heat recovery systems which all contribute to energy savings.

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