The Florida citrus industry has been through a major change in environmental laws during the 1990’s. Current laws dictate that processors must remove 50% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from incoming fruit by October 2002, and 65% VOC removal pending EPA approval. In addition, processors are more aware of the impact wastewater generation has on the total cost of processing in terms of monies for treatment facilities and monies for permitting. An optimum oil recovery system is one that both reduces production of VOCs and minimizes wastewater generation.

Brown oil extractor (BOE) systems have been shown to reduce the amount of peel oil destined for the feedmill while maintaining good control of fresh water use and limiting waste water effluent. The purpose of this paper is to provide data to the audience about the BOE’s ability to regulate processor’s feedmill VOC production with minimal impact to wastewater generation.

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