The Florida citrus industry currently consists of approximately 25 citrus processing plants located in 12 counties. Historically, peel dryers have been the only regulated sources of air emissions at citrus plants. Particulate matter (PM) and sulfur dioxide (S02) emissions have been historically the only pollutant regulated from peel dryers. These emissions have generally been addressed in permit applications for peel dryers, along with emissions due to fuel combustion, which include carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Recently, the question of the magnitude of VOC emissions from citrus peel dryers as well as from citrus processing plants has arisen because federal operating permit regulations and prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) regulations would apply if VOC emissions exceed certain levels. In preparing Title V permit applications, several citrus processors have obtained air emission data from peel dryers, including VOC data. These limited data have indicated that VOC emissions can be significant. The citrus industry is planning to obtain additional VOC data in the upcoming processing season in order to better quantify such emissions.

This paper presents available industry data in regard to VOC emissions from citrus plants and peel dryers. Test data are presented, summarized, and evaluated. Test methods are also identified and discussed in relation to results obtained. Potential VOC emissions based on mass balance are presented. The citrus peel drying process and operation is discussed in relation to the VOC emissions data.

Finally, potential air permitting implications of VOC emissions are discussed. Based on the information gathered in this study, it is concluded that VOC emissions from peel dryers and from citrus processing plants are significant. Most plants would likely be considered as major sources for Title V purposes, and larger plants could be major sources for PSD new source review purposes.

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