The evolution of the World Citrus Processing industry is reviewed and current citrus production statistics are discussed. The world production of citrus, the Florida citrus outlook, and the Brazilian citrus outlook are reviewed in some detail giving the latest statistics. The production of FCOJ in Brazil is outlined and various innovative technologies that have been introduced by the Brazilian citrus industry are reviewed. Brazil’s introduction of the use of sugarcane bagasse, alcohol production from citrus as well as methods of fruit conveying are discussed in some detail. Changes in citrus juice markets over the last decade have caused new products to be introduced and the trend toward more fresh tasting less processed forms of commercial citrus juice is examined. The current trend towards not-from-concentrate in the United States and Japan is emphasized and analyzed. Finally new technologies such as freeze concentration, membrane concentration, production automation, juice quality enhancement technology, and by-product recovery technology are reviewed and their impact on world consumption patterns is addressed.

Paper published with permission.

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