Say the word “environment” today, and most likely you will generate some sort of a response. It’s one of our society’s hot issues and we have seen Washington, from President Bush on down, and many of our states and cities jumping on the environmental issue because there are real problems that need to be solved and, in addition, it appears to be good politics. Solid waste is part of the environmental issue and packaging is part of solid waste. So, I would like to take you through how we, at Continental Can, are looking at this. We are one of the leading packaging producers with seven domestic divisions producing aluminum cans, steel and bi-metal cans, PET plastic bottles, extrusion blow molded plastic bottles from HDPE, PP, PVC, with multilayers and multimaterial barriers, and thermo formed microwave trays and tubs and aseptic cups mostly made from plastic multimaterial barrier sheet which we extrude. Continental also annually produces over 6 billion metal vacuum “twist off” closures, some plastic closures and our Bondware division produces paper and plastic coated paper containers mostly or fast food outlets.

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