Introduction: Most of you are primarily interested in ground water, by that I mean well water. I don’t believe anyone here uses a surface water source for either product water or in plant drinking water or so you think. I have had some surprises from Florida ground water acting like surface water. When hunting for reasons it was explained that water perculating through your soil acts almost like a huge lake or river with varying levels of naturally occuring contaminants and man made pollutants present depending on location and magnitude of source. I have had trouble with this since during the depression when my family lived on a grove in Lake County. Our well was driven into the limestone aquifer and my father was firmly convinced this was the best water in the entire State of Florida. In retrospect, I can never recall tasting better water, however it was hard as a rock and during the “monsoons” that occasionally came our way the well water took on a brown color just like the lake and cat-tail swamp across the road. Wells driven into the limestone aquifer, even in the artisian region below impermiable cap rock may be subject to significant surface intrusion.

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