The title of this paper is an attempt to be completely candid. No one will argue that the engineer in the citrus processing industry often associates the use of reconditioned steel drums with problems, and we should acknowledge that. Some of these problems, of course, derive from using steel drums for a purpose to which they are not well-suited, and for which they were not really designed. In-plant storage of massive amounts of FCOJ inventory is the best example. That application has been properly taken over, in large degree, by installation in most plants of bulk tank farm storage as is found in almost every other major food industry with a liquid product. The concentrate industry grew so fast during the Fifties and Sixties that it simply took a while before the technology and systems were developed for the logical addition of bulk tank storage. Tanks of course are wonderful things — that is, if the valves don’t leak, and if the product temperature doesn’t get too high, and of course if the manhole covers stay intact!

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