Part I: Fractionated Citrus Fruit Components of Twelve Major Florida Citrus Cultivars

At the 1978 Citrus Engineering Conference, Kesterson et al. (5, 6) presented data on the fractionated fruit components of Valencia orange and Marsh grapefruit. Also, the potential recoveries for a selected few by-products and specialty products were given for these two varities. For the past 18 years, the University of Florida has provided research facilities at the Lake Alfred Agricultural Research and Education Center’s (LA-AREC) processing and feed mill pilot plants to gather accurate information on the fractionated fruit components of the various citrus cultivars in order to establish residue tolerances (7). To accomplish this mission, weighted material balances have been made on 285 different lots of fruit. At the request of the citrus processors, these data are now being made available to the Florida Citrus Industry.

Paper published with permission.

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