The availability of compressed air in plants today is viewed by many as being in the same category with electricity, water and gas. The one major difference, however, lies in the fact that for most industrial plants compressed air is generated within the plant proper and the compressor and related equipment is maintained by “In-Plant Personnel”, while electricity and its related generating equipment and clean water and its related purification and pumping equipment are supplied from outside facilities and maintained by others. The difference thusly becomes clear. In the case of compressed air, the air compressor and related accessories represent a capital investment on the part of the user, while the other services (electricity, water, gas, etc.) are essentially services paid for on a usage basis and charged as a monthly cost of operation. Although there is a difference as to the source of the utility, compressed air being considered as such is expected to be every bit available in sufficient capacity and pressure by plant management as are ampers and voltage in the case of electrical power or gallons of pure pressurized water. This difference requires the watchful eye of plant management and maintenance personnel, for, unlike the other utilities, the compressed air source and usage is their complete responsibility and not that of the local utilities.

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