Solid State Electronics includes the study and development of a large class of devices which are replacing vacuum tube techniques and revolutionizing the applications of electrical engineering. The most famous member of this new family of devices is the transistor. All of us are influenced by these developments right in our homes since all modern radio and television sets use the transistor as a basic element. The success of our space effort is largely due to the advances in solid state electronics. Virtually all industries, including the citrus industry, have felt the impact of these developments in making available whole new concepts in instrumentation, control devices, and computers. The future possibilities are unlimited. Already we are seeing the expression of solid state electronics in a whole new concept of design and manufacture called microelectronics. Although one does not need to understand the theory of solid state electronics to enjoy the fruits of the developments, I thought it would be interesting to you to have a brief basic view of a subject which is having a significant impact on the citrus industry.

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