While the expression “pounds-solids” is understood by most people in the citrus industry, it is just possible that a specific definition at the beginning of this presentation will be helpful. Pounds-solids is the term used to express the amount of sugar in oranges. This should not be confused with soluble solids which is an expression of the percentage of sugar in the juice. The percentage of soluble solids, or Brix, multiplied by the amount of juice-yield gives pounds of solids. The reason for determining such a figure is to establish an equitable and basic measurement of fruit quality over which the buyer and seller may bargain as to the value. The results are based on sampling and any practical sampling system must be built around the law of probability. Therefore, to a large degree, the over-all program is one of statistics combined with good, sound engineering design. Now that the term pounds-solids has been clearly defined and related to the citrus industry, let us go back and see why, and how, this whole thing came about.

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