The use of pulp wash as an aid in the production of citrus juice has gained acceptance since 1957. Earlier use is known, but real recognition seemed to await a certain period in the development of frozen orange juice concentrate, and a freeze. The history of this product could be divided into three time periods each approximately equal. The first period of time was certainly formative in which the product enjoyed all of the advantages of novelty. The second period of time was characterized by increasing competition and need for lowering costs. This required that the plants measure the fruit in terms of pounds of soluble solids and that they recover as product all that could be had without an unquestionable damage to quality. The demand for more recovery of the soluble solids exceeded the capability of any mechanical finishing equipment to distinguish between the juice left on a quite dry pulp and the pulp, which still had good juice on it. This brought about fresh thinking and new processing ideas, including one of gently rinsing the juice from a wet pulp. This became known as “Pulp Wash” and was developed during the third period of time.

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