The so-called Cinderella of the citrus industry, Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, started with a production of 226,000 gallons in 1946. Last year 67,000,000 gallons of Frozen Orange Juice concentrate were produced. In 1946 there was only one plant in operation on the product as it is known today. Today there are 24 plants operating. In considering the phenomenal growth of this product and its impact on the citrus industry, there is one very important fact to keep in mind: This is that the frozen product was originally conceived as a high quality product which would be competitive with fresh juice. Most of you will remember that the Single Strength industry got its start primarily as a by-product. The idea was that while the Single Strength product was not as good as fresh juice, it would produce some profit for the grower and would expand the use of the citrus crop. The general feeling in the Single Strength industry has been that it could not return to the grower the same profit that the fresh market would and many people considered it strictly a salvage operation. The philosophy surrounding frozen concentrate is entirely different. While the question of its comparative taste against freshly squeezed product can be debated, the fact remains that the housewife has accepted it wholeheartedly. During last season over 50% of the Florida orange crop went into orange concentrate.

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