The Brazilian Nanotechnology Program, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001, has created grants for several collaboration networks, new laboratories, and special projects, from materials to biotechnology. It is accepted that nanotechnology has an enormous potential to impact the aerospace industry, mainly because of the increased functionality and reduction in weight, size and energy consumption. On Aerospace Science and Technology, Brazil has been a strong player. Embraer is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world and has significant presence in commercial, defense, and executive aviation. Brazil is also one of the few nations around the world with a complete space program, which includes families of satellites, sounding rockets, launching vehicles, launching sites close to the Equator, and partnership in the International Space Station. Therefore, the country is well placed to move forward and incorporate MNT into the aerospace industry. The Brazilian initiative in MNT for Aerospace Applications has arisen in 2004, aiming to direct the effort and to foster the aerospace industry. The first workshop of MNT for Aerospace Applications – “Nano-Aeroespacial 2004” took place in October 2004. The “Nano-Aeroespacial 2006” meeting is scheduled to happen on October 2006. The Brazilian Roadmap on MNT for Aerospace Applications has already completed two phases and the third and last one is scheduled to happen on May 2006. The results of this roadmap will be communicated at the conference time.

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