The two-dimensional scanning LIDAR system which used MEMS technology is proposed. The specification of LIDAR under development are measurable range of 50m–50km, ±5 degrees of scanning angles, 10Hz repetition rate, and ±1m in range finding accuracy. By adopting monolithic YAG laser as a laser source, the tolerance over machine vibration has been improved with volume and weight saving. For a transmitting laser scan, adoption of a magnetic resonance drive type single micro-mirror is considered. In this system, we propose a novel method on the beam scanning mechanism for a receiver telescope with big aperture by using MEMS technology. The scanning optics system of receiver telescope is composed by a telecentric telescope and a micro shutter array. This optical system has achieved a narrow viewing angle corresponding to aperture of the shutter by limiting the view of the telescope that has a wide viewing angle with the shutter. The basic function of the scanning system of receiver optics is already checked experimentally.

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