The global Micro-electromechanical (MEMS) or Microsystems Technology (MST) market is forecast to keep growing at a phenomenal rate. EADS recognises the potential for this technology to revolutionise the space industry, where it can dramatically reduce mass, size and power requirements and therefore launch costs. This can enable missions that would otherwise have been unfeasibly expensive. Therefore EADS has been developing a novel modular approach to packaging integrated microsystems for space applications called ‘micropacks’. The micropacks include suites of COTS MST sensors, packaged and integrated into a 3D modular multi-layer ceramic package. This introduces flexibility and means that this impressively light and compact micropack technology can be adapted to form the basis as a solution for a range of exciting future mission concepts. In addition, EADS Astrium Ltd. is ensuring that the micropack has the capability to be integrated into a cubesat, should a potential flight opportunity arise. This in turn helps develop the necessary knowhow of MEMS payload integration for future missions.

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