As the population ages, the number of caregivers in the Unites States is growing rapidly. The burden on these caregivers is exacerbated by steadily increasing obesity rates, which are highest in adults aged 50 to 70. The Caregiver-Assist Transport Chair (CATC) is designed to address the difficulty many caregivers experience assisting in the transportation of moderate to low mobility care recipients outside of the home for appointments, community engagements, or fresh air excursions. It is not uncommon for the caregiver to be elderly or of a smaller build than the care recipient, increasing the difficulty of pushing a transport chair for extended distances or across uneven or unlevel terrain. The CATC is equipped with intelligent motorized wheels that engage in the forward or reverse directions to maintain a consistently low effort required from the caregiver, independent of the weight of the care recipient. The chair assists on uphill terrain and slows on downhill descents to match the walking speed of the caregiver. In addition, the chair has a drop-down footplate mechanism that eliminates the need for the legs of the care recipient to be lifted onto foot pedals once seated. This footplate also serves as a brake to eliminate safety concerns associated with the chair rolling back as the user transitions between sitting and standing. While the CATC contains motorized elements, unlike a typical motorized wheelchair, it is lightweight, foldable, and easy to maneuver in and out of a vehicle.

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