Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) is now a powerful clinical technique that has facilitated the increase in successful human lung transplantation procedures. By having the abilities to assess marginal lungs, extend preservation times, and expand geographical distances for donations, EVLP has effectively both expanded the human lung transplantation donor pool and shortened times on the transplant waitlist. While clinical usage has expanded, preclinical research on EVLP has not. EVLP can be utilized as a preclinical research model, i.e., to investigate pharmacological responses (e.g., post-conditioning agents), organ preservation, device testing and/or methodology development. To facilitate the use of EVLP as a research tool, we have developed a low-cost testing system with ever increasing capabilities e.g., the use of a novel continuous weight sensor to evaluate lung edema. Real time tracking of edema allows us to hone in on potential causes of lung damage, and investigate techniques to rehabilitate and mitigate damage on a short time scale (<8 hours). This system enhances our abilities to accurately test medical devices, lung physiology, and potential treatment impacts on lungs.

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