Auscultation is a critical component of a cardiopulmonary examination; however, several studies have shown that many physicians lack proficiency in it. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI)-augmented auscultation tools, physicians could improve their auscultation skills and provide accurate diagnoses, even approaching the expertise of seasoned clinicians. Although a few AI auscultation platforms have been created, none have been adopted widely in clinical settings. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive digital auscultation platform, termed StethAid, to supplement the value of auscultation.

StethAid is a comprehensive auscultation platform that comprises of an electronic stethoscope, mobile applications, and website portals. The StethAid stethoscope enables streaming and recording of heart and lungs sounds. It features 100 levels of sound amplification, digital filtering, active noise cancellation, and wireless connectivity. The StethAid stethoscope is similar to FDA-approved stethoscopes in its frequency response. Our mobile apps deliver various auscultation tools, as well as an AI suite and remote auscultation capabilities. The AI suite includes deep learning-based automated wheeze detection from auscultated lungs sounds. StethAid has been rigorously validated technically and clinically. StethAid could assist physicians in making more informed decisions, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes.

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