Mechanical ventilators are beneficial in treating and managing various respiratory diseases, including interstitial pneumonia associated with Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has led to the emergence of a worldwide need for more accessible and affordable mechanical ventilatory devices. This project, known as the Third Coast Ventilator, aims to create a low-cost, open-source solution to the ventilator shortage created by the COVID-19 pandemic; this device can additionally be implemented in developing countries with limited medical resources, where ventilators are often inaccessible. Using readily available components found within hospitals and local stores, our team designed a prototype that can be assembled and functional within an hour. Our testing demonstrated accurate tidal volume delivery while modulating commonly used ranges of inspiratory to expiratory ratios, air flow rates, and respiratory rates. These promising results are an important step toward our goal of creating a low-cost, open-source, globally accessible ventilator in areas where shortages exist.

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