Recently, many vision disorders such as myopia and hyperopia can be corrected via LASIK refractive surgery. Based on the photo-ablation effect of UV-laser pulses (at 193 nm for most commercial devices), the shape of the treated cornea is modified in order to regain the normal vision capability. In laser corneal reshaping process, the laser parameters must be adjusted to maintain the desired photo-ablation effect. Moreover, the design of the employed device plays an important role in performing successful surgeries with optimum results. However, the commercial devices are designed for specific operations with a limited access to their optical system and software. Besides, these devices are not available for research or training. Consequently, we provide a low-cost and easy-to-use ablation device that can be utilized as an educational, research, and training tool for the specialists in corneal reshaping and related procedures at universities, research institutes, or medical centers. The device has a special opening to enable entry of external laser source for any desired experimental investigations. Moreover, the binocular in commercial devices is replaced by live view screen to decrease the device’s cost. There are no access limitations to the software or the optical system of the proposed device.

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