Amplicoat® is a biocompatible conductive polymer coating which shows higher charge storage capacity, charge injection capacity and lower impedance compared to uncoated Pt/Ir electrodes. Amplicoat® not only improves the electrical performance of a metal electrode, it also enables further electrode miniaturization, more targeted therapies and an extension of the battery life.

Laser structuring was used to improve Amplicoat® adhesion to Pt/Ir electrodes leading to consistent performance under accelerated aging conditions, thermal shocks, thermal cycling and under 19,000 CV stimulation cycles. In summary, Amplicoat® and particularly the combination with laser structuring exhibits excellent electrical performance and a very high durability under extreme conditions and thus, displays great potential for chronic applications like Deep Brain Stimulation, Spinal Cord Stimulation and Sacral Nerve Stimulation.

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