Due to the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, personal protection equipment (PPE) has raised lots of attentions to protect people from infection. This unprecedented virus can be spread through airborne, respiratory droplets and social contact. Although there are some devices and PPEs for people who are conscious and able to obey the social distance policy, to protect infants is still challenging. Baby is one of the vulnerable groups to the disease but there is no appropriate PPE when baby needs to be exposed to irresistible events like visiting a hospital, receiving vaccination or being accompanied by parents who come home from work). In this study, a concept of smart baby protective tent is developed. The simple hardware offers a quick assembly using PVC pipes, 3D-printed joints and a transparent cover sheet to create an independent and safe space from direct and indirect infection through breathing or saliva. With two additional parts, the smart baby protective tent can thereby provide clear air circulation and modern care. A fan system equipped with a clamp for a disposable medical-certified mask is applied to supply clean and circulated air for the babies. Functional sensors are attached to detect essential signals like body temperature, environment temperature, humidity, vibration, brightness, sound, CO2, and PM 2.5. These received signals are processed via a micro-controller and can be uploaded to personal social media in order to increase caregivers’ awareness of the babies’ situation inside the tent.

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