Phonocardiogram (PCG) signals are electrical recording of heart sounds containing vital information of diagnostic importance. Several signal processing methods exist to characterize PCG, however suffers in terms of sensitivity and specificity in accurately discriminating normal and abnormal heart sounds. Recently, a multiscale frequency (MSF) analysis of normal PCG was reported to characterize subtle frequency content changes in PCG which can aid in differentiating normal and abnormal heart sounds. In this work, it was hypothesized that MSF can discriminate normal PCG signal compared to an artifact, PCG with extra systolic heart sounds and murmur based on their varying frequency content. Various samples of PCG with normal and abnormal heart sounds were obtained from Peter Bentley Heart Sounds Database sampled at 44.1 kHz for analysis. The signal was filtered using a 4th order Butterworth lowpass filter with cutoff frequency at 200 Hz to remove higher frequency noise and MSF estimation was performed on the filtered dataset using custom MATLAB software. Mann-Whitney test was performed for statistical significance at p < 0.05. Results indicate that MSF successfully discriminated normal and abnormal heart sounds, which can aid in PCG classification with more sophisticated analysis. Validation of this technique with larger dataset is required.

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