Bicoronal approach is commonly used to repair intracranial trauma [1,2]. However, this approach requires long operation time and may lead to a long-lasting visible scar. In addition, patients stay in the hospital for several days. Therefore the demand for minimally invasive operation technique is increasing for reduction of facial bone fracture.

Yoo et al. reported closed reduction technique using a thread-tapper device [3]. This method uses the tapper as a tool to make a thread of screw tightening a bolt. The method needs small incision. By pulling out the tapper, the depressed bone segment can be easily recovered.

Another method is to use a hook. This device can be inserted into a small hole in the skin [4]. The screw is used for reducing multi-fragmented segments of anterior wall of frontal sinus. Two or more small screws are inserted into fragmented segments, and then pulled out simultaneously [5]. These closed reduction surgical devices have advantages of reducing operation time and scars, and quickening recovery. However, they can be only applied if the tapper or screw can be inserted into the depressed bone segments.

In this technical brief, we propose a spiral tool and pulling mechanism for closed reduction facial bone fracture. Using prototypes, we present that the suggested surgical tool and mechanism are good alternatives for reduction of facial bone.

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