A valveless shear-driven micro-fluidic pump design (SDMFP) for hemodynamic applications is presented in this work. One of the possible medical and biomedical applications is in-vivo hemodynamic (human blood circulation) support/assist. One or more SDMFPs can be inserted/implanted into vascular lumens in a form of a stent/duct in series and/or in parallel (bypass duct) to support blood circulation in-vivo. A comprehensive review of various micro-pump designs up to about mid 2000’s is given in [1,2]. Many of micropump designs considered are not suitable for in-vivo or even in-vitro medical/biomedical applications.

Operating principles, design, and SDMFP features are given in [3]. A particular design used in cardiovascular applications has no moving valves. SDMFP with Gourney-flap type valves to support high-pressure applications are developed for other applications. SDMFP could be fully bi-directional and can control its operation on the run using embedded microcontrollers and sensors. Estimated efficiency is high with low leakage resulting in low power consumption. Proprietary “fish-scale” surface coating ShearQ™ designs are implemented to improve unidirectional flow pumping efficiency. Bi-directional feature may be especially critical when clogging of blood vessels is detected. By automatically and temporarily switching into the reverse-mode operation and retrogressive flow, while inducing suction-head for a short time periods it is hoped that possibly blood conduits can be cleared/unclogged and the normal forward-flow operation resumed. Such may be an important feature if SDMFP is used in-vivo, such as, in coronary arteries which are prone to clogging leading to cardiac-arrest.

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