Recent developments in device technology and widespread use of cell phone and wireless technology globally have provided an unprecedented opportunity for enhanced healthcare delivery. This study presents development of a cell phone based electronic healthcare system for remote monitoring and control of patients. The system comprises of two modules, each connected to a cell phone for communication of data or instructions. The first module allows real-time data acquisition and analysis from several devices that may be connected to the patient. By calling the cell phone for this module, data can be accessed or any of the connected devices be controlled remotely. Any observed abnormality is reported in real-time by calling a pre-set cell phone. This module allows interactive communication utilizing machine generated voice. Also, this module calls the second module at regular time intervals to transfer the patient’s data over phone. The second module thus receives the data for storage in a central location. All of these features of the system were tested successfully on simulated patient devices. For data and device security, ID and password verifications are required.

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