This research purpose is to develop minimal medical units applying heated actuations of the Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) transducers using the medical Ti-Ni material, in order to enable minimal hypodermic invasive microvolume either blood suction or drug delivery by equipping nontoxic and minimal edged microneedle to be created in my laboratory. I have focused on lymphocytes for immunotoxin and erythrocytes for glucose level in blood. This paper has reported double-action mechanisms of the compact unit in originally developing and its actions by low DC inputs. The Joule’s heating of the SMA coil spring transducer might be useful for indenting blood vessels whose diameter was larger than the microneedle because of generating indentation stroke of 2 mm and recovery force of 0.25 N 0.6 s later from heating when applied DC 2 V and 0.5 A. When applied DC 1.5 V and 2 A, the octagonal-pyramidal foil transducer for blood suction recovered as plane condition as before octagonal-pyramidal forming 8 s later from heating.

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