In the recent years, the focus of ever-progressing scientific and technological advancements is continuously drifting towards the rehabilitation engineering. The development in the field of “mobility aid” has led to research, which has transformed conventional manual attendant-style wheelchairs to electric-powered wheelchairs with improved control through joysticks, sensors and micro-controllers. Consumers with limited mobility (pain in legs, permanent injury etc.) and elderly users, who cannot independently operate a powered wheelchair due to their hands impairment, have to rely upon third-party assistance during transfers to secure their wheelchair. Most ‘Mobility Assistance Equipment’ manufacturers for the orthopaedically handicapped individuals have not been able to adequately address such problems. With mobility being a key factor in all aspects of human life, this project proposes a design to allow hands impaired people, who cannot walk to orient themselves in, and navigate through, complex environments with the help of foot controlled wheel chair. This paper presents design and development of a battery-powered wheelchair that will be operated by foot controls, based upon the need assessments of such consumers. The Electronic System is a basic speed control circuit designed and provides for four motion configurations — reverse, stop, slow, and fast.

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