In this paper an experimental thermal analysis made to a conical receiver attached to a solar parabolloid dish concentrator is presented, the purpose of this study is to know if it fulfills the requirements as far as quality and amount of energy demanded by a generator of a solar thermal cooling system (Solar-Branched-GAX Cycle). The analyzed system consists of a conical receiver of 19 cm of diameter by 20 cm of height, which was mounted to a focal length of 80 cm in a communications conventional antenna of 190 cm diameter, prepared with a reflecting coat. The concentrator was mounted in a multipurpose proving stand of solar collectors, with a solar tracking system in two axes. The analysis was carried out by evaluating experimentally three cases, which consisted of: A) receiver smooth, B) Receiver smooth with glass cover and C) Receiver with fins in the inner tail cone. According to the obtained results it can be concluded that the system of parabolloid disc concentrator using a conical receiver with fins is a very interesting option to be used as a generator of a solar thermal refrigeration system, since steam for a volumetric flow of 0.480 l/min can be generated.

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