Three types of thermosyphon were tested. Type-1 has a horizontal condenser with a 536ml volume buffer chamber. The vertical heat transfer height was 3m. In type-2, condenser and connecting pipe were tilted by 10° to the ground with 3776ml buffer chamber. In type-3, only condenser was tilted and the others were the same as type-2. In type-2 and -3, the vertical heat transfer height was 4 m. The maximum coefficient of the heat transfer was 60% for type-1 and 40% for type-2 and -3. Detailed difference in performance of type-1, -2, and -3 were not elucidated because of the limited field data. However, the present results indicated the promising capability of thermosyphon without using circulation pumps. Optimizing the performance of the thermosyphon was left for the future study.

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